Bitstar Coin
  • A fast internet currency with low transaction fees.

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  • Earn bitstar coins mining on a multipool

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  • Help decide on the coin future with Bitstar

  • It’s like Bitcoin, but with interest!

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  • Built in p2p Exchange in beta

  • A fast internet currency with low transaction fees.

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Fast transactions

Bitstar has some of the fastest transaction times among internet currencies thanks to our ultra-fast proof of stake algorithm. Make or receive payments and see them fully complete in seconds, not minutes.

Earn Interest

With Bitstar you can earn interest on any coins you hold in your official wallet, simply leave your coins in your wallet for more than 24 hours, and make sure the wallet is unlocked for staking and start earning.


In partnership with GlobalBitPoint, a multi-currency ATM product being launched in Cyprus, Bitstar holders will enjoy the convenience of cash trades at live market rates.

Supernet Enabled

As a core component of the superNET platform, you can now access all of the enhanced superNET (beta) features directly from your bitstar wallet.

About Bitstar coin

★ Maximum coin supply: 54.24 million
★ Currently 17.7 million in circulation
★ Very low transaction fees (0.001)
★ 24 hour staking
★ Only 4 confirmations for a transaction
★ 80 confirmations for blocks to mature!
★ Rewards early-adopter saves with
    generous interest rates.

★ POS Interest:
    - Complete: 35%
    - Currently: 25%
    - TBC: 10%
    - TBC: 1%

Bitstar coin digital savings currency offers an alternative to Bitcoin, in that the coin network is secured by the process of your wallet balance "staking" or, in traditional banking terms, earning interest.

Simply deposit coins into your official Bitstar wallet and after 24 hours they will start earning interest, which you will see being deposited into your wallet by the network.

The wallet offers a number of advanced features and integrated services, but can be used very easily as a simple way for you to hold your coins and become more familiar with the additional functions at your leisure.

In wallet p2p exchange

You can directly trade bitstar with fellow users to regular "fiat money" (eg USD/Euro) directly inside our wallet

Integrated Lite SuperNet wallet

You can now deposit/send, or even trade Bitstar via the integrated SuperNET/NXT lite wallet.

Supernet enabled wallet

Working with the supernet team we are among the first coins using the unified wallet dashboard, this not only allows easy access to your Bitstar coins secured in your supernet account with multisig (safer than centralised exchanges) but you will also be able to trade them as supernet asset superBits.

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Latest news

Supernet now Live

You can now deposit bitstar into the
superNET wallet and trade using the
NXT superBits asset against NXT.

Added to Cointopay

Bitstar added to cointopay service, you
can buy bits with fiat, or shop on
their market with bitstar coins.

Multipool redesign

We have now completed the redesign of
our multipool, it now gives miners a lot
more information and stats.

Bitstar in Supernet

We have been selcted to become one of
the first coins to be added to the new
superNET project.

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