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Bitstar coin is a digital savings crypto currency founded in 2014 which offers an alternative to Bitcoin, in that the coin network is secured by the process of your wallet balance "staking" or, in traditional banking terms, earning interest.

Simply deposit coins into your official Bitstar wallet and after 8 hours they will become eligible to start earning interest, which you will see being deposited into your wallet by the network. The more coins you hold and the longer you leave your wallet running, the more coins you earn.

We have set ourselves targets over the next year which will not only extend the security of our coin, but will help realise crypto currency as a usable day to day resource

Fast Transactions
Low Fees
Earn Interest

Download Bitstar Coin

To get started with Bitstar Coin you simply download one of the clients below, or you can compile the wallet yourself from the source code if you wish to do so. Once your wallet is installed you will need to download the block chain and, when completed, you can send and receive coins right away.

There are many ways to get hold of Bitstar Coins including buying them through various centralised exchanges, for example Nova Exchange or Cryptopia and we are also currently working on adding support for the decentralised exchange Barterdex and our own Person to Person exchange.


Bitstar coin Specifications

Coin Information

  • Currently 19.10 million coins in circulation
  • Very low transaction fees (from 0.001 bits)
  • Only 4 confirmations for a transaction


  • 1 Bitstar reward per block
  • 8 hour minimum stake age
  • 120 confirms for maturity


  • Ever decreasing inflation rate
  • Globalbitpoint ATM Partnership
  • Full e-commerce road map

Latest News

Posted On 05 Feb 2018

On Friday the 5th February 2018 we migrated our blockchain from a Novacoin based codebase with standard proof of stake algorithm to a Blackcoin based proof of stake v3 algorithm. This gave us a much more efficient wallet not only to use, but also incorporated cutting-edge features and functions we can integrate in future enhancements to our platform. The migration commenced with an auto swap of every balance on the old version 1 chain to the same amount on the version 2 chain and users were able to use their original wallet.dat files or import their own privkeys, keeping the process straightforward and simple.

Posted On 27th Dec 2017

Today we publish our 2018 road map of what we plan to achieve in the coming year. We have tried to get as much development as possible added into this, with some elements that have already been achieved in the past providing the experience and code base to expand on further. Plans include making the wallet Barterdex decentralised exchange compatible, a new wallet interface, a person to person exchange, and ecommerce platform and a kickstart platform. (Read More)

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